Karen Lance and Sandy Grafer are chairing the Disney 2019 trip. As planning a trip for approximately 90 people can be complex, we will try to make this as easy and straight forward as possible to avoid any problems, and answer any concerns or questions you may have.

Here are some FAQ’S in hopes to cover most questions:

Who may go?

The trip is open to any active marching band members at the time of the trip, including graduating seniors.

What is the purpose of the trip?

When we go to Florida we are in a Disney Festival. The Disney Festival is a march in Universal Studios where the band competes against other marching bands.

Is the Disney trip mandatory?

Disney is an optional band event. Attendance for this trip is not required. The Disney trip is not covered by the band or the band parent association. This means that neither the band nor the association will cover any expenses towards this trip. This trip is self-funded by each individual family.

What the Band Parent Association will do is assist you by providing ample fundraising opportunities that you can participate in throughout the year that will assist you in contributing towards your child’s trip.

Is this an excused absence from school?

Yes. It is treated as a field trip for a varsity sport.

How can I save for this trip?

1. You can participate in fundraising activities where a % of the fundraiser will be deposited into your child’s fairshare account (the Fairshare fundraiser will be identified at the prior to its start). Monies raised from fundraising can be used to cover Disney costs, band camp, shoes, etc. At the time when the trip is being booked, you can transfer your fairshare balance (amount of your choice) to the Disney account.
2. We are currently accepting Disney payments which will be put into a Disney account specifically designed to assist you in saving for your child’s trip. This money will be utilized at the time of booking. If at the time of booking you have more money in your account than what is needed the difference will be refunded to you.

What is the difference between Disney Account and Fairshare Account?
• Disney Account: is established strictly for the intent of your child going to Disney. At any point if you decide that your child is unable to attend the trip (prior to booking) the money will be refunded to you. If you or your child changes their mind after booking monies cannot be refunded.
• Fairshare Account: is an account that is established for your child so that any fundraising % that you earn can be deposited into your child’s name in that account. The money in this account can be used to assist in covering Disney costs as well as any other band expenses that may occur throughout the year. This “savings” balance that has accumulated through fundraising cannot be refunded if a “savings” balance exists at graduation. The remaining balance can be donated to another child in the band or the bands general fund.

What if my child decides to go to Disney last minute?

• If your child decides they want to go to the trip (prior to booking) full payment is due immediately. No arrangements for your child will be made until payment is received.
• If your child decides to go after booking, we can try to accommodate that request once full payment is received however there is no guarantee we will be able to accommodate your request. If your accommodations cannot be met your money will be refunded.

What is the cost of trip?

We estimate the 2019 trip to cost approximately $1500.00 per child. This s just an estimate based on 2016 amounts. Again, this is strictly an estimate.

What does the cost cover?

1. Airfare
2. Hotel
3. Food (does not cover food at the airport)
4. Passes to Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Universal Island of Adventure

What is not covered?

1. Spending money for souvenirs, etc
2. Extra snacks or food that exceeds the vouchers they are provided.

How can I make a payment?

We are currently accepting payments at the monthly band meetings. You may also give payments to me or Sandy Grafer. If you would like to mail payments please send to:

Karen Lance
c/o NWRMB Disney Trip
4 Centerville Road
Blairstown, NJ 07825

Checks should be made out to NWRMBPA with your child’s name and “Disney” indicated in the memo.

When are payments due?

• $500.00 deposit required by April 2018.
• Remaining balance due November 2018
• Savings in your Disney or Fairshare Fund can cover either.
• Any balance that exceeds available fund in either account can be paid by personal check or money order.
• Balances will be due in November of 2018 to ensure airline, hotel, etc can be paid without hindering the budget of the band.

Who are the Chaperones?

Chaperones will be determined a few months before the trip. Roughly 5-6 chaperones will be chosen based on final count of attendees. A formal meeting will be held during the Fall of 2018 for any active band parent interested in volunteering to chaperone the trip. Please look for an email in the future with further information.

Can I shadow a chaperone?

One chaperone will be picked to “shadow” the chairperson with the intent of them planning the following trip in 2022. That person must be an actively participating band parent and have at least 1 child in the band in 2022.

Can I go to Disney if I am not a chaperone?

You may book your own trip, at your own expense and meet your child there. We will provide you with their itinerary if you should choose to enjoy some of their free time with them…keeping in mind the children will be on a schedule that we need to adhere to.

Any additional concerns or issues will be addressed as we get closer to planning. This letter is just to give you a broad overview on what to expect and a basic timeline on when to expect it to happen.

Please contact Karen Lance at 862-432-9101, should you have any questions.